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Hey. Looking forward to next next Tuesday cuz thats when the next issue of OXM comes out. I hope they have something about GTA 5, Specifically if it is planned to be a digital release only on the next gen XBOX. Thats what some folks in the industry claim to be considering. Anyway, Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anybody else read OXM? [Official XBOX Magazine]
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Hello mate, i sometimes read OXM UK or go on there website but i dont rate them to much, there reviews are not all that great and they always kiss ass the really popular games,I have started to read a magazine called Games TM and thats a great mag, they do retro reviews also from Speccy games to Snes.
I use to read OXM all the time and before i got XBL I liked it for the demos. I found though that they hype the crap out of shit games. I feel like that magazine is in Microsoft's back pocket

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