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It's been years since I was a subscribed member of OXM magazine. I was just about to renew my subscription, and come to find out, as of The February 2012 edition, the content disc will no longer be included!

What did OXM have to say about this...well, flipping through the pages of the February 2012 edition you might find this little blurb, "You've told us you didn't want the DVD anymore, and we listened..."

Really? Who are these people? Almost every other gaming site has a forum topic about this issue, and I have yet to see someone agreeing with OXM. So where are these people that just hated this disc so much they asked you to get rid of it?

I'll always remember opening that plastic cover and receiving a disc of content, like demos, gamer pics, themes, map packs for games, etc. For those of you like me who suffer from small hard drive disorder, a disc with demos is welcomed.

Honestly OXM magazine and their mostly biased reviews, which do more to promote games for Microsoft than actually legit review a game wasn't the only reason I read this magazine. The disc was a huge part of the deal as anyone who subscribed would tell you. I would be happier if OXM told the truth and just said, "our profit margin is shrinking like our fan base and we had to get rid of the disc." Instead, you point the finger at the readers and put blame on them.

Something I've seen which may relate on multiple game sites including Xbox.com, was that OXM recently raised their subscription price and stated the blame to be in part at the productions of the demo discs. So did the subscription price go back down accordingly? Of course not! People probably said they didn't want to pay the price hike on the subscription because of the disc...so you take that as hike the price up don't give them a disc. Some of you may have noticed that the OXM magazine is now available on devices such as IPAD, Nook, KinDle, etc., guess what though, the subscription price for those devices is the same as the actual magazine, so.....why the price again?

What do you all think?
I do read this magazine as Its just something I can turn to when Im not doing anything else, And just want some extra details on whats coming out. As for the disc, Well, I honestly didn't care about it!

I did try the Dead Rising demo a long time ago, And ended up deciding that I would Buy it eventually. For the most part though, I didn't use the disc enough to warrant any gripe about losing that addition to the monthly expense of picking up OXM.

So, If you feel strongly enough about this issue, I would suggest that you write in to OXM, And you could possibly have your message published in an issue, As well as a DIRECT response from them regarding this.
I am fine with no Demo disc just hope OXM never decides to go digital only like my other magazine shunen Jump did.
I like the idea behind digital...although I prefer to have a paper copy in hand. One issue I have with digital downloads is they aren't any cheaper than getting the paper magazine

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