Xbox One Won't Include a Headset with Console

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Today, Turtle Beach announced that they will be making headsets for the Xbox One, but they also announced another new fact about the Xbox One console. It won't come with an actual headset.

The new default headset is now the Kinect.

This is significant in a couple of ways. One, we’ve received confirmation from Microsoft that the company will not be packing in a Communicator headset in with the Xbox One, as it did with the Xbox 360 (this is presumably because the unit comes with a next-generation Kinect sensor bar in the box). So, any Xbox One owners who want a headset for online multiplayer will have to be out shopping for an aftermarket headset -- making this a potentially much more lucrative market for Turtle Beach than the 360 was.
So, save up some more money if your going to want an actual headset. Turtle Beach headsets average around $60 and up for a decent headset with today's Xbox 360. I'm going to be broke!

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