Nyko Debuts Accessories for Xbox One and PS4

Xbox One

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A new line of accessories for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are coming courtesy of Nyko. Available starting later this year, the manufacturer has unveiled a trio of peripherals to help you enjoy your next generation console experience.

For those who want easy access to their smartphone while playing games, the Smart Clip lets you attach any iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry device up to 3.5 inches wide to your controller. The attachment will help you take advantage of Smart Glass or a helpful Wiki without having to stop what your doing to grab yet another device. Nyko's Smart Clip will initially be available for the Xbox 360, and will eventually be released for use with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Made specifically for the Xbox One, the Nyko Headset Adaptor plugs directly into the console's HDMI port to let gamers use their analog audio components while still allowing high-definition video to pass through. By going this route, users won't have to worry about using headsets that may not be compatible with Microsoft's new console.

[Source: IGN]

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