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If a game is available on both systems which do you choose?

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× 15 (39.47%) I'm buying only Xbox One Games

× 8 (21.05%) I'm sticking with the Xbox 360 Version

× 14 (36.84%) BOTH, I'm that kind of Crazy with Deep Pockets

× 1 (2.63%) Pfft, I am all about the PS4

  • Added 11-06-2013 04:19 PM
  • 38 votes
both b/c i love achievements and what not to like about stackable game and achievements.
I rather PC! 5760x1080! YA!
Originally Posted by DestructiveBurn
So, you want three monitors all side-by-side?

Why not go with something like 5760x2160 at least.
So it's not like you say, I will be getting both, but I don't have as deep of pockets as most people would think, I'm very good at finding great deals and to those that think there won't be enough x1 games the first year...well I think that reasoning will bite you in the butt latter, my opinion of course not trying to start a fight. Also the number of games for the 360 will start to decline drastically.
Went to Best Buy for a special event tonight, and ended up grabbing a PS4. Will review later.
It's a solid piece of hardware, as I expected. Honestly, every console made in the last couple of generations has been good.

I still prefer Microsoft's platform, so, PS4 is purely for exclusives, and right now there really isn't much. Killzone was what I purchased, and it just isn't my style. I thought it was a stealthy shooter (never tried any of them) and it really isn't. Run&Gun isn't my thing. Knack got such moderate reviews, that I held off on it. I did get PS+, so, I grabbed Resogun. I would have paid $15 for this game. Easily the best game on the PS4. But, a Geometry Wars/Defender mash-up for $15 is not exactly the best game to buy a console for.

UI is basically a bad version of the PS3 UI. I always felt my PS3 UI was "OK" or "Good enough" but really just barely. Somehow, I feel like this took a step back.

I am sure once God of War, or Uncharted, or Little Big Planet, or other Sony title hits, there will be something good to play, but, just isn't there yet. (Obviously, AC4, CoD, Battlefield, etc are all available, but, like I said, did not apply to me)

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