Target error ships xbox one too early and a small roumor about gold.

Xbox One

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So if you google it, you'll find that Target has shipped out Xbox one already due to a computer error. As many as 150 xbo ones have been shipped and apparently there are utube videos of people unpacking and playing them.!!

Of course MS dropped the bam hammer on these premature console, the ban will not be permanent though... Makes me wonder than some people will have time stamps on achievements starting yesterday!!

There is also a rumor coming from the MS support line that (if true) one Xbox one gold account will support up to 4 gamertags....hmmmm...
This is actually almost a week old news. I thought someone had already posted about it here.

And MS has already announced multiple gamertags on a single LIVE account, although I thought the press release after E3 was 5.
Sorry, I just herd the the other day, work kills me so I got t my news filtered, I checked around to see if anyone had posted anything about this and the threads that I did see on google search were only hours old...maybe we need a news page and someone to feed it?.

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