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I plan on picking up Titanfall (digitally) in the morning before work, and letting it DL. I should be able to start playing (we will see how the kids/work goes) around 1900 / 1930 Eastern Time.

Anyone want to sync up and play together? Just like BF4, I'm sure it's better rolling deep with a team, but I never seem to have the same playtime as any of my friends. Anyone up for an hour or two of play with a community mate?
No, the 360 version is coming out in a few weeks, and even then, we would not be playing cross-console, sorry.
I think it's great. It's... fun. Really fun.

It reminds me of how I felt playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and a little Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But it's not just a remake of arena combat, it's more of an evolution. It is what I have been hoping for since quitting the Call of Duty games after Modern Warfare 2, an evolution, not a remake.

This could quickly go into a rant of all I dislike about the current state of Call of Duty, a franchise I once loved, but to bring it back to Titanfall, I think this is exactly what I wanted; and a great stepping stone to what they bring to the sequel, as an established developer, a la Titanfall 2.

It's just a whole mess of fun.
E3 is back! Hard to believe it’s been one year since we announced Titanfall at the Microsoft press conference, put up a giant Titan in the convention center and did the first demos of the game for press and the industry. A year later, Titanfall is out and we’re busy making it better and better.

I'm excited for the new modes. It's a fun game to play, I still love it. It's really the only MP game that I will pick up and play on my own without friends or a team to play with. I'm excited for the future of this company, and their ability to explore what they want.

Thanks for the link Quick!

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