Game Arena looks to be a brand new feature coming to Xbox One

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Awesome feature....

A tipster bought our attention to an off-screen photograph which appears to show an unannounced app/feature coming to Xbox One.

"Welcome to the Game Arena, where you and your friends can battle it out for distinction of being the ultimate gamer. Create and invite your friends to personalized battles and the Game Arena will determine the rightful winner by tracking key game statistics. With objectives available from your favourite games, you can play to your strengths and crush your opponents. Good luck warrior, the weak will be culled!"

The app description is a little vague, but it seems to be an extension of the challenges system. Xbox already tracks various stats from your games, which are displayed when you compare achievements with your friends. It appears that this app will allow you to create your own challenges, effectively turning your gaming statistics into a game of its own.

The screen shots also leak a new game entitled "Wildfire", with a challenge set up to tally "Total trees put out". A fire fighting game ey? There's a game on Steam Greenlight called Wildfire Worlds, but it doesn't appear to have the same art style. More on this as we get it!

What challenges would you set up? I want to use Kinect and challenge Liam to a hair growing contest...

Thanks CorellianRogue
Well it looks like me and one of my friends will be competing in this app. Smile
I love competition! This app will be mine. I just need the right friends to play against.
Video games are like life, difficult, frustrating, but most of all, they're fun and rewarding when you slow down and enjoy them.
On the next update?!

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