Standalone Xbox One Kinect reportedly launching in October

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Microsoft will reportedly begin selling the standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor on October 6.

Peripheral expected to hit the US first, priced at $149

That's about $139 too expensive.
Originally Posted by WolfWood37
We have to wait until an official announcement, maybe they will include a game with it.
Microsoft hasn't forgotten about Kinect since choosing to drop it as a requirement for Xbox One console bundles, as you'll be able to purchase a standalone Kinect sensor for Xbox One from October. So, if you've bought an Xbox One without Kinect, you can still pick up a Kinect device if and when you fancy getting one.

The Xbox One Kinect sensor will be bundled with a copy of Dance Central Spotlight to sweeten the deal, available as a digital download with 10 "hot tracks". Dance Central Spotlight is due to launch in September for download via the Xbox Games Store, if you're interested.

You'll be able to purchase the standalone Xbox One Kinect sensor with Dance Central Spotlight from October 7th for $149.99. It joins new Madden NFL 15, FIFA 15 and Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundles coming soon without Kinect in the box.
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I'll repeat myself, I love my Kinect. Haters gonna hate, but it has it's uses.
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