Where do you buy your Games?

Xbox One

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Where do you buy your games on Disc?

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× 5 (11.36%) Best Buy, I like the Gamers Unlocked Club

× 0 (0%) Target, is on point for me

× 0 (0%) Walmart, they never fail me

× 14 (31.82%) Game Stop, they have a card too

× 4 (9.09%) Amazon, I don't set foot in a store

× 11 (25.00%) On a disc? Screw that! I am not a goddamn savage (The futiles Option)

× 4 (9.09%) I live outside the US & use (Comment Below)

× 6 (13.64%) Other (Comment Below)

  • Added 09-04-2015 06:07 PM
  • 44 votes
I go to gamestop but not to just buy games I go there to Dumpster Dive also.
Originally Posted by keoskey
And this. I support this. My collection grows steadily thanks to the Dumpster Dive bins Big Grin

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