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From the Star Wars Battlefront Beta, This is pretty funny. (In case the video doesn't play here is the LINK)

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OMG, LOL, That was F'ng hilarious, really made my day.
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Yeah I thought it was good moments, we'll see tons like this I'm sure. I don't understand why the guy ran instead of aiming better, but I guess Jedi are hard to take down.
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that was pretty funny. Music was perfect.
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The first time I watched it didn't know it was Luke. I just saw this little blip off in the distance just jumping around.
Poor Luke. That is what he gets for trying to kill a storm trooper. I did like that the person was looking for him after he got stomped on.
OMG, LOL, That was F'ng hilarious, really made my day.
Originally Posted by B8TINGU
I somehow missed this the other day - I ditto your post. F-ing hilarious!
That's good comedy right there!

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