My Top 10 games coming to Xbox One in 2016

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Here My Top 10 games coming to Xbox One in 2016:

1 - Quantum Break

2 - Sea of Thieves

3 - Gears of War 4

4 - Far Cry Primal

5 - Mass Effect: Andromeda

6 - ReCore

7 - Crackdown 3

8 - Halo Wars 2

9 - Forza Horizon 3

10 - Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

Which games are you looking forward to the most? Do you agree with my list?
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01-11-2016 04:26 PM StaffPremium
Good list... Not sure if we'll see Mass Effect, Recore or Crackdown this year. I am looking forward to all three.
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Good list but no sure about PvG2. Hope they all come out some time in 2016 unlike Scalebound pushed back. Definitely looking forward to Crackdown 3 would love to be able to destroy buildings in it or create a character but it will be fun anyway.
We only have a couple of games in common.

1/26/16 @ $59.99 Lego Marvel's Avengers
2/9/16 @ $29.99 Assassin's Creed: Triliogy
3/8/16 @ $59.99 Tom Clancy's The Division
4/5/16 @ $59.99 Quantum Break
5/16/16 @ $59.99 Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
?/?/16 @ $59.99 For Honor

Haven't decided if I am getting any of these yet.
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Doom
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Dead Island 2
?/?/16 @ $59.99 South Park: The Fractured But Whole
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Recore
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Crackdown
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Dishonored 2
?/?/16 @ $59.99 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands
Damn keep forgetting about South Park that will be fantastic, I guess I gotta go pre-order that so I remember it's this year.
Quantum Break & Tom Clancy's The Division are the two main games I'm looking forward to.
Quantum Break & Tom Clancy's The Division are the two main games I'm looking forward to.
Originally Posted by DomeJohnny
Yes also The Division is a great game
I'm a gamer. Xbox & Windows Gaming Platform.
Too many to pick. I'll play em as I get em,
Originally Posted by porschephiliac

But Ghost Recon Wild lands looks very interesting, but I think it will be MP only which may kill it for me..
as for Doom they are going back to basics it won't be like the 360 Doom III BFG (which was more FPS Survival Horror), but a re imagined full on next gen graphic blood fest where you won't have regenerating health but have to conserve and and use health pick ups just like the originals with puzzles and tricks and traps... I think I have to pre order this one now...
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