Anyone from the Uk / Blackpool?

Xbox One

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Looking to make some new gaming buddies I know this is a relitively new site but prefer it too true achievements. Have over 100 xbox one games including halo5, bo3 etc etc Gamertag: Robustss
Well I'm US West coast time and depending, I know theres an 8 hour difference between us but with my current work schedule that may work out for us? Shoot me a message when you're on and we can go from there.
Life goal own all retail X-Box games. My collection: X-Box: 535, X-Box 360: 1204, One: 178
Let us get to know you: I want to be on the spotlight 2.0 Join here to enter GTN's monthly Challenge: Challenge, What Challenge...
I'm from Italy if you want to friend me here and on xbox live are you welcome
I'm a gamer. Xbox & Windows Gaming Platform.
Also in the UK and online pretty much every dayday, (after work) feel free to add me.


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