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Since one of the updates on the Xbone you can follow games, okay that's a good idea for games you really like and want to keep updated. I've check in my profile on who's following me to see if I need to block anyone and I notice all the games I'm following.
I spent the time to go through the 20+ games to about 4-5 I care about, then after a month of look at this all these games I'm following, again.
Besides going through manually does anyone know if there is a way to not follow a game simply because you have played it. If you may know please tell me where in the settings this would be so every time I play a game it won't automatically follow.
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I'm confused. Where do you have the option to follow games?
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Sorry if I didn't say it's on the Xbox One, not here. Sorry for the confusion.
Just tired of messages for games I don't care about or done playing I don't need them clogging up the Xbox feed section. I'll correct my previous post with the information.

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