i would like to gamehsare with someone who owns xenoverse 2

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i would like to gamehsare with someone who owns xenoverse 2. i have my xbox gamertag for almost 10 years so it is just as important for me as the person i am gamesharing with that i am not a scammer.
oh lmao i didnt know. i signed up just to find someone to share with lol but since i am here, and since the thread is open currently, then hey i might get some luck
I had a thread locked just for asking somebody to sign into their cable with an access code so I could get a "log into provider" achievement on some apps (which does not require sharing of Microsoft Accounts in any way). There's no way they'll leave a game sharing thread up. Sorry, dude.

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well fingers crossed someone will come across this who owns the game and wants to share before it gets closed lmao yes its a longshot but i have litteraly spent all day just to find someone whos not a scammer
Closing this, although I'd encourage you to stick around anyway. Who knows when you might want someone to play with sans sharing.

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