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Who else is loving the Custom Gamerpic Feature?

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× 18 (42.86%) Yes

× 1 (2.38%) No

× 13 (30.95%) Not Bothered

× 18 (42.86%) Yay another poll to vote in!!!!!

  • Added 04-23-2017 06:41 PM
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I am loving the custom Gamerpic feature and hope it stays. Everyone can do this without being in the preview program all you need to do is download the Xbox app Beta from Windows Store then you can edit your Gamerpic. Also just a heads up all pics need to be at least 1080 x 1080.
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I didn't know about this! Thanks for the info
I love it, but my kids make me change it with their choice.
I knew it was part of the preview program, didn't know it was able to in xbox app too bad I don't have a window pc to do this. I may need to use my preview xbox one to do this.

Only downside is you know what is going to happen the boobs/ penis pics until they get complained about and removed, hope that won't sway Microsoft to stop it from going to all users.
Actually they approve the pics before they will be shown so no vulgar or disgusting pics will be shown
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I'd assume that they will allow for reporting of gamerpics much like they have for gamertags and bios, etc.
Either way, I'd like to change my vote from "Not bothered" to "yes" LOL

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I love the custom gamer pics, We finally get to have unique pictures instead of the boring default ones.

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