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I'm was getting ready for bed an I was in the other room an I heard the Xbox turned on. I went to check an it was. But this is not the first time it's happened I had this Xbox for going on 4 years now an I think this is about the 5th time it's turned on... Has this happened to u an how did u fix it?
Probably need a few more details of your set-up to understand if there is anything particular going on.

Have you got a Kinect set up? what is your 'instant on' setting'? Do you allow auto updates?
I have had this happen to me, I was sat playing on my PS4 and my Xbox One (original) turned on suddenly. I have no clue how it happened no Kinect was connected I was not physically near the console to trigger it on accident.

The only other (Spooky) possibility given my homes rep for random paranormal activity was that someone wanted me to play the xbox instead so turned it on for me.......Spooks have messed around with my consoles in the past so I can't be sure if it was a technical fault or something unnatural lol
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This has happened 2-3 times over the years. I always attributed it to the auto-update process for the console.
My cats have accidentally turned on and off the xboxs a few times - nothing mysterious like this

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My Xbox 360 turns on by itself, but only when I have the play and charge kit plugged in. Never had it happen on my Xbox One... yet...

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This happens to mine almost daily, the only thing that I have found that most people say this happens to is that if your X Box is plugged in to a power strip/surge protector. Try plugging it in directly to the wall and see if this stops. I haven't yet done that, due to accessing my power will take some time..
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